Our Team

Atul Rishav
Founder / Author
A true gaming-freak by nature and a techie underneath, he is the primary mind behind this venture. Without his sheer will to initiate this project, there wouldn’t have been a REVIEWTROUPE. Passionate for changing trends in technology, he wants to bring that change to the masses in any way he can. A self-proclaimed designer and programmer, he doesn’t shy away from being outright. The guy who brought this team together and formed the troop in Reviewtroupe.
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Dheeraj Gangadharan
Co-Founder / Editor / Author
Immensely passionate about movies, TV shows and books. Likes writing about almost anything but inclined towards writing about films. According to him, movies are the best tool of escapism (into illusion or reality). A loyal cinema enthusiast continuously trying to outdo his expanse where this field is considered. And yes, he is the one who transforms our shitty drafts into presentable content.
Piyush Kumar
Co-Founder / Author
Thomas K.Philip
Marketing and Advertising / Author
He is the best creative mind on the team. Ok, second best! With a past of blogging and a passion for technology. He hopes for the future to be more technology advanced and is looking forward to Artificial Intelligence being implemented in everyday life. He is as important an asset to this venture as anyone else. He is also the guy who is hell bent to sell his teammates and their work ( thats what marketing is right ).

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